We have a tried-and-true process in building quality websites

It all comes down to the preparation and execution in website building. Our system of discovering your needs and delivering the product is proven to be effective.

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Step 1

Quote Request

As a client, you will be involved in the process of building your website or application, by providing us as much information as possible, preferably with some examples of existing websites we could look up to. Being specific here is a key to help us envision your website.

Step 2

Project Evaluation

We can meet to talk or just set up a video call to answer all of your questions related to the project. Vice versa, we will ask you for some final details needed to draft a formal proposal and evaluate the time it will take to bring your ideas to life.

Step 3

Formal Proposal & Agreement

When all of the details and specifics of the project are discussed and clear for both parties, we will draft a formal proposal at your request. It will show what you are paying for and how much time it will take. Please note: any unexpected changes during the development that were not covered in an original agreement will have to be evaluated and discussed.

Step 4

Planning, Design Research

A crucial step in creating a website that actually works and delivers results. Tell us what your target audience is, what competition you will face, and what goal you want to achieve. This will allow us to create a site map, mood boards and organize content.

Step 5

Data Architecture and Wireframing

This phase is needed to set a strong basis for the website. We will sketch a general layout of all pages and components that should be on them. Together with us, you will review these blueprints - it will serve as a plan that we will stick to developing the website.

Step 6

Design Phase

This is when all the preparation comes handy - we will design several versions of the home page according to your needs, goals, and agreed layout. After a few revisions and corrections, we will design internal pages using the same pattern, so the whole website would feel consistent.

Step 7

HTML/CSS Production

After your approval for design we will begin working on the technical side of the project. Using HTML/CSS coding we will bring the design to life and make it fast loading, fully compatible with various web browsers and friendly to all major search engines.

Step 8

Programming / Platform Implementation

Templates rarely fit your needs, hence to deliver your preferred functionality we will apply custom programming solutions. We can build a content management system (CMS), so you can easily update and improve the website by yourself, integrate e-commerce solutions, blogs - anything you need from a website.

Step 9

Final Review, QA Testing and Training

When all is said and done, we will test and review the website together with you. Besides that, we will train you on how to operate the website and make final corrections before launching it.

Step 10


This is when the project finally goes live. We will do it together and celebrate the result of this process. But that's not the end - we will check in to make sure everything is running as it is supposed to later on.

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